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A BYU College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Twitter party is your chance to chat online with an expert author about current issues having to do with politics, the family, psychology, mental illness, anthropology, economics, geography, history, neuroscience, and family history.Participating is not difficult. It’s similar to a real-life party, with various discussions going on simultaneously.From anywhere in the world, just sign in to Twitter at the specified time. You don’t have to be a BYU faculty member or student. If you’re new to Twitter, check out this pre-party tutorial. A Twitter veteran? Come and meet new friends. Feel like you don’t have time for Twitter? Stay for 5 minutes or an hour. Join us on your lunch break!

How Do I Participate?

  • If you have not signed up yet, go to Twitter and get an account.
  • RSVP for the party by commenting at the bottom of the party post, or ttcap1weeting @byu_fhss RSVP (name of party). Include your Twitter URLso that you can follow other participants, and they can follow tcap2.PNGyou! It’s a great way to get like-minded followers. RSVPing also gets you entered in any giveaways that will be going on during the party.
  • Log on to Twitter just before the party, and search for tweets with the hashtag #AskAnFHSSExpert.


How Do the FHSS Twitter Book Clubs Relate to Your Mission?

Our mission is to study patterns of human behavior from diverse disciplinary approaches. As the name implies, our college is particularly concerned with studying the family as the basic unit of society. The many institutes and centers within the college provide opportunities for faculty and students to further research and disseminate scholarship. Students in the college gain a broad education that helps them develop an appreciation of the values of modern civilization and prepares them to contribute effectively as citizens. Many of the departments and programs housed within the college provide opportunities for student learning outside the classroom through internships and faculty-mentored teaching and research experiences.
These Twitter book clubs are generally focused on books published by faculty members for a lay audience. They are an opportunity to discuss in real time the relevance of the subject matter to everyday life.

Do These Book Club Parties Have Sponsors?

They are not sponsored by brands or commercial parties, so the opinions offered therein by the author and the college are unbiased. BYU’s College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences does not accept responsibility for the opinions of general participants.
And our refreshments are “virtual,” so participation is healthy not only for your mind, but for your body!

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