Why Millenials Should Pay Attention to Elections

Your community and nation is run by people who let their voices be heard. Choose not to speak up, and you choose to exclude yourself from participating in your nation’s decisions. We at FHSS are here to help you get your voice out there. And we’ve got experts to help you do it.

In our Twitter discussion (#AskAnFHSSExpert) with political science professor Dr. Earl Fry, we learned a few things about what you might want to know and do in order to master the art of civic engagement. And it was all because of the voices we heard, and the questions they asked.

Three Tips for Making Your Voice be Heard

 1.Recognize the importance of your generation. @emilyj912 asks:

Millennials are the future of the country. How do you suggest millenials become more interested in the future of America?

“We are a ‘Can Do’ nation” says Dr. Fry. And he believes millenials can play a key role in helping America’s future.”An         educated electorate, especially among millenials, will mean that those running for office must listen to you and also             consider your solutions to current problems.”

2. Ask experts about what the issues are, and how to get involved. @manderson_a5 asked:

What would you have millennials pay attention to during this upcoming election?


3. Identify challenges specific to YOUR community: and confront them head on. Check out this question from @emilyj912:

This ever-important question is one we would all like to be able to answer. Emily recognizes that there are real problems facing the United States. And she wants to know how to overcome them

Dr. Fry responds: “An educated electorate, especially among millennials, will mean that those running for office must listen to you and consider your solutions to current problems. We need…the average Joe and Jane [to be given] a meaningful voice. We as [Americans]…have overcome differences before; and if we know how serious are the problems we face in a rapidly changing world, we will band together and embrace workable solutions for the good of national progress and stability.”

“What do you do to let your voice be heard in your community?”

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