Back to School: Joining a Club!

Extra-curricular activities abound in grades 9-12, but in college, where both the student body and workload is larger, extra-curricular activities often aren’t given the same priority they were before. In fact, many incoming students may not even know about the wide variety of clubs BYU offers. But those clubs can be a great way for students to explore subjects they’re passionate about in more detail, get involved in the community, and make friends. Here are a few offered through FHSS:

Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club aims to:

  • serve as a supplement to the education of anthropology students
  • organize weekly social activities, discussions, and workshops that teach about the cultures around the world. These events are aimed to provide all students the opportunity to consider their own interests from new perspectives.

Anthropology Club

BYU College Democrats

Though BYU students are stereotypically conservative, the presence of the Democratic party is alive and well on campus! This club provide opportunities to:

  • further political discourse on campu,
  • discuss and promote the policy positions of the Democratic Party, in so much as they fulfill the enduring principles of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ,
  • serve in the community, particularly on behalf of the less fortunate;
  • engage in discussions of policy and current events,
  • participate in organized, civil debates with members of other on-campus student political groups,
  • volunteer on behalf of Democratic candidates for public office;
  • promote broader political awareness at BYU.

Democrats club

BYU College Republicans

The other side of the political spectrum is represented very well on this campus. This club aims to:

  • make known the principles of the Republican Party among college students at BYU,
  • aid the election of Republican candidates at all levels, including city, state and national elections by involving college students in the state of Utah,
  • help students develop political knowledge, awareness and leadership abilities in preparation for future service to the Republican Party and community,
  • aid the Republican Party of Utah County as well as the State of Utah.


BYU Political Affairs Society student chapter

The BYU Political Affairs Society is the official alumni organization affiliated with the BYU Political Science department. Being involved in this club will place you in the middle of a great network of distinguished alumni. Join the Political Affairs Society, and you’ll have many of the tools necessary to achieve success in a future career!

Civic Engagement Leadership Association

The mission of the Civic Engagement Leadership Association is to provide students with the appropriate skills and meaningful opportunities to become engaged in their respective communities. It seeks to promote civic service and encourage everyone to find ways to solve the problems around them.

Economics Student Association

You probably didn’t learn a lot about economics in high school, and that’s a problem—few subjects are as pressingly relevant to college graduates in their everyday lives. Join the Economics Student Association and learn not only how to manage money, but about the critical role it plays in our society.

Geography Student Association

Geography is more than just knowing all the fifty nifty states and their capitals. The Geography Student Association looks at geography as an exciting science with a fun and important purpose.


Master of Social Work Student Association

MSWSA is “committed to ensuring that the education of each student prepares them with the knowledge, skills and values to go forth and serve individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities and nations; and in promoting social justice, preserving the dignity and worth of the person and supporting the importance of human relationships.”

School of Family Life Student Association

The SLFSA recognizes that “to transform the world, we must first change ourselves.” Therefore, its mission is to:

  • unite BYU’s student body,
  • research and reveal professional opportunities,
  • facilitate new and empowering connections while assisting students in securing their future

The complete list of BYU clubs can be found here. To get more information about or join any of them, click on the links provided in each club’s profile.




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