How to Dress Like an Anthropology Major

Ah! Fall 2016! Back to school means new classes, roommates, and of course a new wardrobe. Walk into all of your courses ready to learn and looking good! A few days ago, we shared tips for History majors on how to dress. Now, for our anthropology majors, who are preparing to do ethnographic research and field studies and write papers, here are a few tips:

Wear Comfortable Shoes

What better way to start off your new wardrobe than with a new pair of shoes? You’ll be doing a lot of walking around campus and at dig sites. Make sure your shoes are sturdy and comfortable.

Get Sun Protection


Don’t forget your sunscreen, flannel, baseball cap, and even long pants, to keep the sun out of your eyes, off your extremities, and leave you burn free.

Recorder and Camera

Instead of trying to write down every word and missing the experience, invest in recorders and a camera! Snap quick pictures during your ethnographic journeys. And record your conversations, thoughts, and other interactions so you can remember and write them up later!


trail mix.jpg

What more could you possibly need? Snacks are life savers during long team meetings and keep you full of energy on late nights writing papers! Keep a stash with you and your stomach and peers will thank you.


Backpack, backpack! Keep all of your notebooks, pens, recorders, camera, sunscreen,  and of course snacks in a backpack! It’ll keep your hands free and you’ll always be ready to go!


Good luck Anthropology Majors! And don’t forget your “I <3 Anthropology” t-shirt!


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