T-Shirt Design Contest: Win $50

You can do a lot with fifty dollars. You can buy several rolls of sushi and keep them all to yourself. You can go back to a restaurant where you were stingy, find your waitress, and give her a great tip. You can purchase a used sofa, drive it up to the valley overlook at Squaw Peak, and watch the sunset with a comfortable seat. Indeed, for a creative college student, fifty dollars is the opportunity of a lifetime—and if you enter the BYU Family History Program’s t-shirt design contest this month, that opportunity could be yours!

BYU’s Genealogy program is unique—in fact, it offers the only bachelor’s degree in Family History in all of North America. The program prepares students for a variety of professions and community service, and provides valuable skills in evidence analysis, technology, and paleography.

The program’s current t-shirts (you may have seen the “I Seek Dead People” design around campus) have been around for a while, and they think it’s time for a new design. That’s why they’re offering a contest to see who can come up with the most creative idea! Details are on the flyer below—and hurry! The contest ends on September 27th



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