Student Rachel Stone: Passionate About Political Science

Confucius once said, “The truly wise person goes beyond knowledge.” Nobody exemplifies this more than Political Science student Rachel Stone. An active member of the university and the community, she has used her skills and knowledge to better everyone around her. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with her:

Q: What’s your major? Why did you choose it? Was there a particular experience that led you to it?

A: I study Political Science with a minor in Computer Science, with the intention of using technology to change the way that governments interact with their citizens. rachel-stoneI became converted to the future of 21st century government after conducting research for a venture capitalist after my first year at BYU.

Q: What are you involved in (i.e. extracurricular activities)?

A: I co-founded and served as President of Women in Politics, a branch of BYU’s Political Affairs Society. I was raised by feminists to become a feminist, and am passionate about empowering women in fields of leadership and STEM. After two years of heavy involvement with Provo City, I also helped launch the nonpartisan Provo Student Project. It is currently registering students to vote and orienting students to Provo when they first move in.

Q: Any tips for getting involved?

A: First, know your strengths and offer them.

Second, someone else on campus feels the way that you do too.

Third, persistently ask and ye shall receive. Boldly, continuously asking for the jobs, internships, scholarships or extracurricular roles that you want will open doors for you.

Q: What do you like to do outside of school?

A: Shop the Provo Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning during the fall, drink hot chocolate on Provo Center Street during the winter, attempt to out-cycle Mayor Curtis during Provo Bike Week during the spring, and run all of the Provo 5K’s during the summer.

Q: Random fact or story about yourself?

A: Right now, I am writing you from the BYU Jerusalem Center. I came to Jerusalem to realize more of my identity as an Asian Ashkenazi Jew (from which my dad converted to Mormonism). From here, I am voting by email, believe it or not! I encourage you to invest energy to vote this year!

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