Alumni News: For Those Who Are Graduating Soon

For students graduating at the end of this or next semester, there is perhaps a wide gamut of emotions they’ll experience. Excitement, to be sure, the beginnings of nostalgia, perhaps, and anticipation or invigoration at the prospect of being out in the world and giving back to humanity after years as a dependent. They may look forward to walking down the “Stairs of Death” on the south side of campus one final time, degree in hand, but for them to say goodbye to BYU forever would be crazy, to an extent. The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences has an ever-growing alumni community 70,000 members strong, and that community is far too valuable a resource to not take advantage of. Here are three specific reasons you should stay connected after you graduate:

1: Networking


A college graduate with no reliable network is ill-equipped to handle the professional world, but by keeping in touch with the alums of the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences, he or she can find opportunities to investigate careers, mentors, and job leads. Dee Allsop, a member of the College’s National Advisory Council and a former president of the BYU Alumni Association, said: “[The spirit of the Y] needs to be cultivated in the communities where people live—not just in their cities, but in their professional, global, and social communities as well.” Whether you check in with your department alumni groups online (see our list below); follow other alumni on our website or through the RISE alumni story index, subscribe to our alumni magazine, or connect on LinkedIn, there are so many easy ways to stay connected.



School of Family Life

Family History Majors

FHSS Advisement Center

Political Science

solo-violinist-1625307_12802: Performing Arts Discounts

BYU’s award-winning fine arts programs generously give discounts to alumni for most of their performances! These events are perfect for date night or just a regular fun time.







3: Insurance

Adulthood is expensive, and insurance is one of the most relentless costs. But the BYU Alumni Insurance program is a convenient source for life insurance for alumni and their family members. Furthermore, the BYU Alumni Association offers three different health insurance plans for its alumni–for information on joining these programs, call toll-free at 1-800-922-1245. In addition, special group discount rates are available on Auto and Home insurance through Liberty Mutual–call toll-free at (800) 526-1547 for more details.







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