Students: Four Ways You Can Help Others This Holiday Season

For many, this is the Happiest Time of the Year, and for good reason.  The getting of presents is generally an experience enjoyed by all. But the giving of not only presents but also time and service can make the season much more meaningful. The true enjoyment of the season, however, is one that might take some time and a little bit of creativity to develop, but is truly worth it. Here are four ways that you as a student in BYU’s College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences can help others this holiday season:

Support the Refugee Empowerment Club

This group, as we mentioned here, “…offers students the opportunity to become aware of the refugee crisis in Utah and around the globe.” Currently, there are 21.3 million refugees in the world, with more than half being less than 18 years old. There are things that students can do to educate themselves about the issue, right here on campus. Check out their Facebook page for information on their next activity. 14495385_615473538613308_7091328931985394175_n

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Do Your Family History

Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean we can’t serve them. The prophets and apostles have spoken on this and why it is imperative that we do it. Doing family history can also help you to be a better missionary. Furthermore, who knows what you might find?



Participate in #LightTheWorld

For each day in December, the LDS church has challenged us to participate in an act of service. These range from helping the homeless to helping someone who is struggling. They’re simple, yet meaningful acts that we can all do.

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Partner Up with Y-Serve

Y-Serve offers a vast amount of service projects. Programs include: International Network of Tutors of Languages, Cougar Coaches, Jimmerosity, and RAH (which comes with bowling.

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Service doesn’t have to be grand or loud to be impactful. As Markus Zusak said, “Big things are often just little things that people notice.”

What will you do to help out this holiday season?

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