FHSS Internship Fair: A Student’s Advice on How to Take Advantage of it


BYU’s College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences provides a variety of resources to help students prepare for their future careers, from advisement services to resume-building experiences to highlights of alumni who’ve gone on to achieve success with their degree and internship fairs. History student Madelyn Lunnen attended the college’s 2017 FHSS Internship Fair, held at the beginning of February, and provided some insight on how students can best take advantage of events like these.

There was a plethora of employers there,” said Madelyn, “from Allyse’s Bridal, Make A Wish, The Family Academy and BYU On Campus Internships. When I first arrived I was ready to go; I was going to find my internship and just feel like such an adult. Walking around and talking to many vendors, I found quite a few cool internships. Allyse’s Bridal was looking for students who could alter wedding dresses for them and would continue to work for them after the internship was complete”

She also met with a representative from the Provo School District who was looking for interns to work with their truancy officers, be able to make home visits, and facilitate good outcomes to sometimes difficult conversations about education, housing, mental health needs, and/or medical needs. The Make A Wish Foundation of Utah wanted interns for:

  • Program Services
  • Special Events
  • Corporate and Community Outreach and Development
  • Operations and Volunteer Management
  • Communications

Madelyn said: “The overall feeling I got from the fair was that what they really wanted was business people; students who take what they learned and apply it to some form of business, be it in the the traditional sense or in a more abstract way. Many of the internships seemed tailored to specific majors, such as Psychology, the School of Family Life, and Social Work.

Overall, she reported that the fair did what it said it would: introduce students to various employers who wanted interns.


Did You go to the Internship Fair? If so, was it helpful?

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