Family History: Are You Doing it? Get Involved at BYU Family History Week 2017

No matter how many miles separate us and the personalities of the individuals involved, we all have family, and those families help define who we are. Our family helps explain who we look or act like, who we spend time with, what languages we speak, and where we call home. But “family” isn’t just the people we take selfies with at reunions; they include our ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago. At BYU’s annual Family History Week, discover new family members and ancestors, learn new ideas and genealogical guidance, and find inspiration and motivation to do your own family history work.

Here’s what’s happening during family History Week to help you do just these things:

Tuesday September 26- Cousin Reunion

phone searchFor those individuals with less than 15 first cousins, you may feel a little left out when talking to friends about their most recent family gathering. On Tuesday, however, discover cousins that you’ve had all along! Using your cell phone, explore your family line to find family members through Join this new kind of family reunion at the Brigham Square Quad at 12 noon to find your cousins and win prizes.

Wednesday September 27- Lightning Round Question Corner

Wanting to become involved in family history, but feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, or stumped? For some “guilt-free family history guidance,” head to the WSC terrace for a Q and A from 5-7pm to learn more about new family history ideas and information on family history courses. Expand your knowledge and desire for family history as you enjoy free refreshments. If you are interested in family history careers, a Family History Fall Reception/ Mini Job fair will be held from 7-8pm at the terrace.

Thursday September 28- Guest Speaker FamilySearch CEO, Steven T. Rockwood

Finish the week inspired by hearing a guest lecture by FamilySearch CEO and BYU graduate, Steven T. Rockwood at 11 am in room 1102 JKB. Learn about the opportunities available to family historians and the passion behind the growing field.

“Family History Week events are open to all who want to experience the excitement of family history” says Amy Harris of the BYU History Department. “Activities are designed to appeal to people with various family history backgrounds. Beginners will enjoy the great Cousin Reunion on Tuesday. Those who want help taking the next step to learn more about their deceased ancestors will benefit from Wednesday’s open house question corner. And everyone will enjoy Thursday’s talk by FamilySearch CEO, Steve Rockwood.”

Regardless of your current family history interest or experience, see what the family history buzz is all about at BYU at Family History Week.

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