Older and Wiser too: The Benefits of Aging

In general, people think of aging as a bad thing. When you age, you get wrinkles, become less mobile, and your brain literally shrinks in size. But there’s a different, better way to think about aging, says Dr. Mark E. Agronin, a presenter at BYU’s 2017 Gerontology Conference. In this brief video, Dr. Agronin suggests that when areas of the brain become less separated and begin to “mesh together” when individuals age, “instead of using just one part of the brain, we can use many parts of the brain,” a great strength that allows people to

  • develop mental resilience and the ability to rebalance one’s perspectives over time and deal with adversity.
  • increase creativity that can be used to overcome adversity and strengthen relationships.

Are you embracing the blessings of your age?

Dr. Agronin’s full lecture is available here.

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