A Reason for Hope: Wheatley Conference to Discuss Questions and Provide Answers

We have been told, in a 2014 Liahona article, that “the questions that matter are the ones that make you think and feel deeply, the ones that lead you to truth, testimony, and change.” What questions do you have concerning your faith and education? Tough questions only receive answers when they are asked. And you have a chance to receive those answers not only in prayer but also at an upcoming event on campus, from experts.

Adobe Spark (22)To arm students and community members with the insight and answers they need to hold strong to their values in a secular world, the Wheatley Institution will hold its semi-annual event Reason for Hope conference on November 16th at the Hinckley Center Assembly Hall. The event will include a morning full of inspirational speakers such as former General Relief Society president Julie B. Beck, author and philosopher C. Terry Warner, and past School of Family Life professor, family science expert Jenet Erickson, and Islamic Studies Professor Daniel Peterson. The event will culminate in a Q&A panel with the speakers at 3 PM that afternoon.

Discuss with the Experts

Focusing on the dynamics of personal faith and intellect, the event itself calls for dynamic thoughts and questions from its attendees. Students are urged to submit a question on faith and intellect for the opportunity to participate in a small discussion group with Sister Beck, Dr. Warner, or Dr. Erickson at the conclusion of the event.

If you lack wisdom, attend the Reason for Hope conference November 16th to ask questions, get answers, and discuss faith and education. Attendance at the event is free and open to the public. Students are strongly encouraged to participate by submitting discussion questions for the panel and small discussion groups.

Image and video courtesy of the Wheatley Institution.




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