Kolaches on the Kimball

Hruska’s peach kolache

What’s better than a free kolache? Taking a selfie with one on top of the KMBLL tower!

Every student who donates to the Choose 2 Give Scholarship, will get a free kolache and a trip to the top of the KMBLL tower. Students will get the rare opportunity to ascend to the highest point on campus, bypassing the tower’s normally restricted access.

The campaign will run on Tuesday, March 10th and Wednesday, March 11th from 12pm to 2pm outside the KMBLL tower. Students are encouraged to take selfies on the KMBLL and share them on social media encouraging all to donate.

Choose 2 Give (C2G) is a student-run and –funded scholarship campaign that helps student in need receive a BYU education. 100% of the money raised is used to benefit BYU Provo students.

Contributions of any amount are accepted and this year the goal is to reach 200 donations!

Learn more at: https://studentalumni.byu.edu/events/choose-2-give

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