Mikaela Dufur to Serve as Associate Dean

The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences has selected Mikaela Dufur to serve as an associate dean starting on July 1st of this year. Dr. Dufur has been teaching at BYU in the Department of Sociology for almost twenty years.

As associate dean, she will organize many important events within the college including the Fulton Mentored Research Conference and the Marjorie Pay Hinckley Lecture. She will also help with faculty grants and professional development leaves.

Dufur expressed her excitement for the new position saying, “I’m excited to get to know people who are outside my department and outside the college.”

Dufur’s day-to-day schedule will shift from teaching to working within a committee of two other associate deans that includes Dr. Samuel Otterstrom from the Department of Geography and Dr. Laura Walker from the School of Family Life. Dr. Dufur will take over for Dr. David Nelson from the School of Family Life.

Although Dufur will be taking on several new administrative tasks, she will still be teaching one class per semester. She is glad to stay connected to students, saying, “I am really grateful to still be able to teach because I love teaching.”

The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences is grateful for Dr. David Nelson for his years of service and congratulates Dr. Dufur on her new position.